Vstar $100 No Deposit Trading Bonus $1K ?

Vstar $100 No Deposit Trading Bonus $1K ?

Vstar, a trading broker, previously introduced promotional campaigns named "KYC $100 Welcome Bonus" and "Trade Master Campaign." However, there is a lot of misinformation circulating about these both trading bonuses, with some sources incorrectly labeling them as Vstar no deposit bonuses. 

This article aims to clarify the true nature of these offers and provide accurate information to help traders make informed decisions.

Vstar KYC $100 Welcome Bonus

Misconceptions: Vstar $100 No Deposit Trading Bonus 

There is a common misconception that the Vstar $100 Welcome Bonus is a no deposit bonus. This is not accurate. 
According to Vstar, traders can receive the $100 Welcome Bonus after completing the KYC verification process and making a deposit of $100. Upon fulfilling these conditions, the trader receives an instant $100 bonus, which can be used as trading margin. Additionally, for every 1 lot traded, $5 can be converted into real trading funds, which are withdrawable.

Vstar Trade Master Campaign

Misconceptions: No Deposit Trading Bonus $1K USD – Vstar

Another promotion that has been misinterpreted is the Vstar Trade Master Campaign. Some sources have incorrectly advertised this as a "No Deposit Trading Bonus $1K USD." In reality, the Trade Master Campaign requires traders to invite 20 new traders who each make a deposit of $200. Upon successful referrals, the trader receives a reward initial deposit of $1000. Additionally, traders earn a commission of 20% on profits from copied trades and 30% after reaching the 50-lot trading target within three months.

How to Participate

To participate in these promotions, traders should follow these steps on the official Vstar broker platform:

1. Navigate to the official Vstar broker platform.
2. Complete the necessary steps and get help from the customer chat for better guidance.


Beware of Misinformation
Traders should be cautious about misinformation regarding no deposit bonuses. Always verify the details from official sources or directly from the broker platform.

Confirm Eligibility
Before taking advantage of any promotional offer, confirm your eligibility through Vstar support chat. Ensure you understand all terms and conditions.


The Vstar KYC $100 Welcome Bonus and the Vstar Trade Master Campaign offers that require deposit conditions. By following the correct steps and verifying details with Vstar official sources, traders can take advantage of these opportunities effectively.
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