UNFXB $500 Welcome bonus

UNFXB $500 Welcome bonus

Unicorn Forex Broker (UNFXB) is offering a $500 trading bonus to new traders who register between June 10 and June 20, 2024. To claim this trading bonus, traders must meet specific deposit conditions. 


How to Be Eligible

Claiming the UNFXB Trading Bonus is a straightforward process:

1. Navigate the Official UNFXB Promo Page:

2. Fill in the necessary information, including your country and Gmail.

3. Trader Go to the M5 Trading Accounts section and open the “Welcome Bonus” Trading account.

4. In the Trading Bonuses section, select the bonus option and choose your newly opened account to receive the $500 trading fund after depositing a minimum of $50 according to UNFXB.

Profit Conditions

After receiving the trading fund and meeting the deposit condition, traders must comply with the following to be eligible for profit withdrawal:

- No Hedging: Trades involving hedging are not allowed.

- Trade Volume: Complete at least 35 LOT trades lasting over 5 minutes within one month.

- Trade Duration: Trades must last over 3 minutes. Trades under 3 minutes will result in a deduction of profits from those trades and an additional 20% deduction from other earned profits.


UNFXB $500 Welcome Bonus campaign ends on June 20, 2024. Additionally, The bonus comes with a deposit condition to qualify for the trading fund.

Trade Duration Rule: Trades lasting less than 3 minutes will result in profit deductions as stated above.

These conditions are based on the terms provided by UNFXB. For accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to review UNFXB bonus terms and conditions on their official website.

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