MFx Broker $35 Welcome No Deposit Bonus ? | Updated

MFx Broker $35 Welcome No Deposit Bonus

MFx Broker, a trading broker, previously introduced a promotional campaign named "Welcome Bonus $35." Despite some incorrect information circulating within the trading community as a no-deposit bonus scheme, it is important to clarify that this offer has already ended according to MFx Broker.

Here is the correct information about the ended offer:

MFx Broker introduced, on March 14, 2024, an opportunity for all new traders to get a $35 Welcome Bonus. To participate in this campaign, traders needed to attend the exclusive workshop "Trading + Results 3.0" on March 19, 2024. All attending traders received a free trading account with a $35 fund credit from MFx Broker.

How to Participate

The MFx Broker $35 Welcome Bonus was introduced on March 14, 2024, with the event scheduled for March 19, 2024. 
- Traders should understand that this offer has already ended. Here is the process that was followed:

1. Navigate to the official MFxBroker page.
2. Fill in the necessary details and confirm your seminar entry. (Ended)
3. Attend the seminar on February 18th at 19 hours at the mentioned location: Av. Javier Prado Este 560.

After the conclusion of the event, all participating traders received a $35 trading fund directly into their accounts within a few working days.


The MFx Broker $35 Welcome Bonus was an exclusive offer tied to attending the "Trading + Results 3.0" workshop. Although the offer has ended, traders should stay updated with MFx Broker's official communications for future promotions. Always verify the information through a legitimate forex bonus site or official broker platform to avoid misinformation.
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