PMFinancials $50 No Deposit Bonus ?

PMFinancials No Deposit Bonus

PMFinancials, a trading broker, previously introduced a promotional campaign named "Welcome Bonus $50" as a no-deposit bonus scheme. Despite some incorrect information circulating within the trading community, it is important to clarify that this offer has already ended according to PMFinancials.


Requirements and Withdrawal Conditions

For traders who participated in the no-deposit bonus campaign, the following conditions applied:

1. Traders needed to complete phone number verification in the member area to be eligible for the trading fund.
2. Minimum Trading Requirements: To withdraw profits, traders had to complete at least 5 transactions and a minimum of 0.10 lot trading volume according to PMFinancials terms.

Important Considerations

Offer Ended: The PMFinancials No Deposit Bonus $50 campaign has already ended. 
- Incorrect Information: Be aware of incorrect information circulating regarding the availability of this bonus.
- Verification: Traders can verify the status of the bonus offer manually via the PMFinancials support team.

For current promotions and accurate information, always refer directly to PMFinancials official communications and verify with their support team.
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