Welcome JRFX $35 No deposit bonus

Welcome JRFX $35 No deposit bonus

JRFX Trading Broker is currently offering a $35 Welcome Bonus to all new JRFX users. This promotion is valid from March 1 to March 31, 2024. During this period, new JRFX users will receive a $35 Welcome trading fund bonus coupon upon registration, which can be claimed and used for trading activities. To be eligible for profit withdrawal, traders must comply with certain terms and conditions associated with the bonus.

JRFX $35 Extended Offer Updated April 15, 2024 to April 30, 2024

JRFX $35 No Deposit Bonus  

The JRFX No Deposit Bonus was previously offered from July 1 to July 31, 2023. This bonus allowed traders to claim funds without requiring an initial deposit, hence its colloquial name "JRFX no deposit bonus." However, its official promotion name is JRFX Welcome Bonus. (Ended)

How to Claim JRFX $35 Trading Bonus:  

Claiming the JRFX $35 Bonus is a simple process. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the official JRFX website.
2. Complete the necessary details and KYC information.
3. Once your account is approved, access MyJRFX and claim the $35 Trading fund bonus coupon, which is credited instantly to your wallet.
4. After receiving the credit coupon, transfer it to your standard account and meet the profit withdrawal conditions.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions

To be eligible for profit withdrawal and the $35 trading bonus, traders must meet the following conditions:

- The $35 trading fund received is valid for 14 days from the date of claiming in the standard account.
- Traders must meet the $50 minimum deposit condition within 14 days in the trading account according to JRFX.
- To be eligible for profit withdrawal, traders must trade a minimum of 3 lots after the deposit in the trading account.
- To be eligible for the $35 bonus + profit, traders must complete 5 lots of trading.

Once these conditions are met, traders can contact JRFX customer support to request profit withdrawal.

Considerations before:  

Before claiming the bonus, ensure eligibility by contacting JRFX customer support.

The coupon is valid for 7 days, and trading is allowed for 14 days from the date of activation.
- Each client, trader, computer, or IP address can open only one account.

JRFX reserves the right to revoke bonuses from customers who abuse this offer, according to the terms and conditions.

Take advantage of the JRFX $35 Welcome Bonus to kickstart your trading journey, but make sure to meet the terms and conditions for eligibility and profit withdrawal.
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