NordFx Margin Call Bonus Upto $5000

NordFx Margin Call Bonus

NordFx, a regulated financial trading broker, introduces the Margin Call Bonus for all NordFx traders. This bonus enables participants to earn trading funds that can be used to maintain open positions and continue active trading when a Margin Call occurs. The maximum bonus amount provided to a client for one account is $5,000.

How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the Official NordFx Platform:

2. Submit Necessary Details and Verification:
   - Complete the registration process and verify your account by submitting the required details.

3. Access the Pro Account:
   - Navigate to the Account tab and locate the Pro Account option.

4. Request Margin Call Program:
   - Contact customer support or initiate a chat to request participation in the Margin Call program.

5. Deposit Funds and Start Trading:
   - Deposit the required funds into your trading account to begin trading and earning a Margin Bonus.

6. Earn Margin Call Bonus:
   - When a Margin Call occurs, submit a request for the bonus to be accrued based on your trading volume.

7. Margin Bonus Calculation:
   - The Margin Call bonus amount depends on the total lot turnover in your account, as follows:
For example, if your trading volume is 11 lots, you will receive a bonus of $10 per lot, totaling $110.


The NordFx Margin Call Bonus campaign offer is available only for Pro Accounts.
- Bonus calculation considers trades with a duration of at least 5 minutes and a price fluctuation of at least 10 points.
- The maximum bonus amount a trader can apply for in one account is $5,000.
- The bonus is debited when a withdrawal request is submitted. The remaining funds after the deduction can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Participate in the NordFx Margin Call Tradeable Bonus program to earn trading funds that can support your trading activities during Margin Calls, ensuring compliance with the specified terms and conditions.
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