Funds For Trader $1k Evaluation Account Giveaway

Funds For Trader $1k Evaluation Account Giveaway

Funds For Trader, a prop firm trading platform, announced on Twitter on May 13, 2024:

"Changing Lives Globally with FFT!

We're giving away 1k evaluations to EVERYONE on May 21st, 10:00-22:00 CET! 1 Account Per Person The first portion of the code will be shared in DISCORD Make sure to join!"

How to Participate:

Joining the giveaway is straightforward:

1. Discord Account Requirement:
   - Participants must have a Discord account to join the Funds For Trader Discord.

2. Stay Informed:
   - The giveaway code announcements will be shared in the Discord channel. Traders must grab them on May 21st, 10:00-22:00 CET = 10am - 11pm CET.
   -  Trader notes that CET corresponds to Central European Time (CET); adjust the time according to your country's time zone.

3. Claim Challenge Account:
   - Once traders receive the discount code, they must navigate to the official FundsForTrader website, select the challenge, choose the $1k 3-phase challenge, proceed to Billing Details, fill them up, use the discount code in the billing section, and continue purchasing. The purchase is free.

4. After Account Purchasing:
   - Details will be received via Gmail, and traders can log in to the trading terminal, which is only available on MT4. They must meet the challenge rules to access the funded account.

Profit Conditions:

According to the Funds For Trader challenge model, they currently have Evaluation model up to 3 phases. Traders may receive a 3-phase challenge account possibility in the giveaways.

To qualify for the funded account and profit withdrawal, traders must meet the following conditions:

1. Phase One:
   - Achieve an 8% profit.

2. Phase Two or Phase Three:
   - Achieve a 5% profit in each phase.

Traders must avoid a maximum 5% loss daily or overall 10% loss percentage. trader meets these criteria to avoid disqualification.

After meeting the above requirements, traders receive the Funded account, and there is no profit target. All profits generated in this account can be withdrawn up to 90% depending on the phase of withdrawal:
   - First withdrawal: 80%
   - Second withdrawal: 85%
   - Third withdrawal: 90%

The first payout can be applied for 30 days after receiving the funded account, and subsequent withdrawals can be applied weekly.


The Funds For Trader challenge giveaway is valid for May 21st, 10:00-22:00 CET.
- The first ten traders have the chance to get a $10k evaluation challenge account also.

Trader notes that Hedging across multiple accounts or reverse trading is not allowed.
- Challenge accounts use balance-based drawdown, not equity-based.

Funds For Trader does not provide services to residents of certain countries.
Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Russia (including the Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk regions of Ukraine) or Somalia, Syria

This Funds For Trader Giveaway presents traders with a unique opportunity to win and utilize a challenge account with profit withdrawal possibilities.
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