FXCL Volume Cash Reward Get upto $1200 No Deposit Bonus

FXCL Volume Cash Reward Get up to $1200 No Deposit Bonus

FXCL Broker is introducing the Volume Cash Event 6, offering traders the opportunity to earn trading fund bonuses of up to $1200 based on their trading volume on demo accounts. Traders can participate without making any investments and aim to complete as much trading volume as possible during the program period to receive rewards from the total prize fund.

Requirements to Participate:

1. Navigate to the official FXCL website to begin the signup process.
2. Complete the Registration: Provide all necessary details during signup. Please note that this offer is only eligible for users from select countries.

3. Open a "Volume Cash Reward" DEMO Trading Account: After registration, open a "Volume Cash Reward" DEMO Trading Account and log in to MetaTrader to start trading.

4. Aim for High Trading Volume: Traders should aim to complete as much trading volume as possible in their demo accounts during the contest period.

Reward Conditions:

After the event ends, cash rewards will be credited to the live trading accounts of participants based on their trading volume. Traders can use the rewards for trading, and all profits can be withdrawn with no conditions applied.

Considerations Before Claiming the Offer:

This event is available for users from select countries and is valid until 7.05.2024. Traders from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India cannot compete in this event, as per FXCL regulations.

- Using Expert Advisors and engaging in hedging trading is not allowed during the event.

FXCL reserves the right to modify the promotional trading terms and conditions.

This Volume Cash Reward event presents a valuable opportunity for traders from select countries to earn rewards based on their trading volume. Make sure to adhere to the terms and conditions and participate actively to maximize your rewards.
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