FXGiants $25 No Deposit Bonus

FXGiants $25 No Deposit Bonus

FxGiants trading broker is offering a up to $25 No Deposit Bonus as part of their promotion. This trading bonus is available for new registered traders in certain countries, providing them with a up to $25 trading bonus fund credited to their trading account to start real market trading. To claim this trading bonus, traders are required to pass the verification process set by FxGiants.

How to Claim the Trading Bonus

1. Visit the Official Platform:
 - Complete the registration process on the FxGiants website.
 - before taking advantage of Fxgaints $25 check your eligibility

2. Complete Your Profile Details:
 - Contact customer chat to verify if the $25 offer is available in your country.

3. Fill in the Necessary Info and Verify to Get the Trading Bonus:
  - Proceed with email verification to receive a $10 credit bonus.
  - Proceed with mobile verification to receive a $15 bonus credited to your account.

After receiving the total $25 Trading bonus, login to MT4 and start trading and archived profit.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

Understanding the withdrawal conditions is straightforward. Here are the key points to remember:

- No specific conditions apply for withdrawal.
- There are no required lot conditions to fulfill.
- Profits generated from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn anytime.
- The Fxgaints $25 trade fund bonus will be removed from your account upon first profit withdrawal.


The Fxgiants $25 No Deposit bonus availability is limited country. Contact customer support to check whether it is available in your country.

The Fxgaints trading fund is received after the eligible Client’s Phone and/or Email verification is complete.

The company reserves the right to modify the conditions of the bonus program and reject profit withdrawal requests in case of fraud or detection of multiple IP Addresses during the period.

Take advantage of the FxGiants $25 No Deposit Bonus to kickstart your Forex trading journey, and ensure compliance with the specified terms and conditions for eligibility and profit withdrawal
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