YaMarkets NFP Contest $100 Fund Reward

YaMarkets NFP Contest $100 Fund Reward

YaMarkets, a financial broker, hosts monthly NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls) prediction contests, allowing all traders to participate in predicting the NFP news release for the month. Winners are selected based on the accuracy of their predictions and are rewarded with a $100 trading reward

How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the Official YaMarkets promo page and join the contest.

2. Follow Facebook Post Instructions: After the contest post appears on Facebook, participants must complete the mentioned tasks, such as liking the FB page of YaMarkets and sharing the contest post.

3. Predict NFP Data: Participants must predict this month's NFP news before the data release and submit their predictions in the comments section of the YaMarkets contest post.

4. Campaign Results: The results of the campaign will be announced within seven days.


The $100 cash reward will be credited to the winner's trading account. If the winner doesn't have an existing account, they must register with YaMarkets to claim their prize.
- Each month's winner will be announced on the YaMarkets NFP contest page.
- Winners Trader have the option to withdraw the $100 directly or use it for trading purposes.

YaMarkets reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time, at its sole discretion, or cease the promotion without prior notice.
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