Lionheart Funding Program Challenge Accounts Giveaway | 5k Account for 5k trader

Lionheart Funding Program Challenge Accounts

On March 26, the Lionheart Funding Program announced a giveaway of $5K Challenge Accounts for 500 lucky traders. Participants are required to complete simple tasks to stand a chance to win. Winners will be randomly selected after two weeks.

How to Participate:

1. Open the Giveaway Post: Visit the Lionheart Funding Program's official account and open the giveaway post. Ended

2. Follow All Rules: To qualify, participants must follow all rules listed in the giveaway post:
   - Follow @lionheartLFP & @NdemazeahG on Twitter.
   - Fill out the mailing list form provided.
   - Join the Lionheart Funding Program Discord channel.
   - Tag 3 friends, comment on LFP being the king of forex funding, like, and repost the tweet.

Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on April 7, 2024, via tweet. They will also receive a claiming form.

Redeem Challenge Account: Eligible traders will need to fill out the final form to claim their Challenge Account.

Profit Conditions:

Winners receive a 10k 2-step alpha challenge account, and to qualify for a funded account and profit withdrawal, they must meet the following conditions:

- Phase One: Achieve an 8% profit.
- Phase Two: Achieve a 5% profit.
- Loss Limit: Both phases must avoid a maximum daily loss of 5% or an overall loss of 10% based on the balance drawdown.

After meeting these requirements, traders receive a funded account. There is no profit target, but a maximum daily loss of 5% or an overall 8% loss is allowed. Profits generated in this account can be withdrawn after 14 days, with a 90% profit split.


- The $5K challenge account campaign ran from March 26 to April 6, 2024. Participants had the chance to win a trading account before the event deadline.
- Lionheart Funding Program does not provide services to traders residing in certain countries, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Russia (or specific regions), Somalia, and Syria.

This Lionheart Funding Program Account Giveaway offers traders an exceptional opportunity to win and utilize a challenge account with profit withdrawal possibilities.
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