Aron Group $100 No Deposit Bonus

Aron Group $100 No Deposit Bonus  

ARON GROUP has announced a $100 no deposit bonus for all new users from March 4th to April 6th, 2024. During this event, participants can pass the challenge account and receive $100 trading funds, which can be used for real trading. Profits generated can be withdrawn after meeting certain conditions.

How to Get Trading Fund

Claiming the ARON GROUP $100 no deposit bonus is a straightforward process:

1. Complete Registration: Visit the ARON GROUP website and complete the registration process. Before claiming the bonus, contact customer chat to confirm its availability in your country.

2. Verify Your Account: Verify your identity as required by ARON GROUP to enhance the security of your account.

3. Open a demo account named "No Deposit Bonus offer March 2024," set leverage to 1:200, and select an initial trading fund balance of $1000. (KYC is not required to open demo account)

4. Start Trading: After receiving the $1000 trading demo account login metatrader 5, start trading, and meet the conditions to be eligible for the real $100 trading fund.

To be eligible to receive the $100 trading fund, traders must :
- Complete a minimum of 20 trader positions (open & close).
- Hold each position for at least 3 minutes.
- Ensure the maximum capital loss does not exceed 20% ($200).
- Achieve a minimum interest profit of 5% ($50).
- Trade for a minimum duration of 5 days.

If a trader fails in this demo account requirement, they can apply for a new account again, crediting a request closed preview acount after can you again participate in creating a new demo acount.

Review and Submission: If you meet the above requirements in the demo account, submit a request for the NDB $100 account to ARON GROUP staff by creating a help desk ticket. The review process usually takes 3 to 7 days.

Receive Trading Fund: Once your request is approved, you will receive the $100 trading fund in your nano account.

Note: A nano account is similar to a cent account, so the $100 will be displayed as a balance of 10,000 USN.


Profit Withdrawal Conditions

To withdraw profits earned from trading with the bonus, ARON GROUP has set the following conditions:

- The $100 trading fund is received in a nano acount with 30 days validity.
- Trader can withdraw the profit without any conditions, during profit withdraw $100 trading fund bonus remove.


Each client, computer, or IP address can claim the bonus only once.
ARON GROUP reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time.

Participants should adhere to the instructions and conditions to benefit from the ARON GROUP $100 start their trading journey.
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