Ckcapital 10k Challenge Account Giveaway

Ckcapital 10k Challenge Account Giveaway

Ckcapital, a new prop firm trading platform, hosts giveaways on Twitter called the "Ckcapital 10k Evaluation Challenge Account Giveaway" for 100 random traders. Participants have the chance to win free Trading Challenge Accounts by completing simple tasks. Additionally, participants who successfully pass the challenge phase receive a funded account, with profits generated from this account being 100% withdrawable on the first payout, according to Ckcapital.

How to Participate

Joining the giveaway is simple:

1. Navigate to the official Ckcapital Discord channel.

2. Go to the information tab, select the giveaways server channel, and participate in the latest giveaway event.

3. Trader participants must follow all rules listed in the giveaway post:

   - Like and retweet the post

   - Follow @ckcapitaluk and @wannabechamp

   - Join the Discord channel

   - Tag 3 friends

4. Winner Announcement:

   - A maximum of 100 traders will win in the giveaway. Winners will be picked randomly, with 10 traders selected for each giveaway post.

5. Redeem the Challenge Account:

   - Winners traders must provide proof of winning and a screenshot showing ownership of their social account.

   - Navigate to the Discord support tab, create a support ticket, and submit your necessary information.

   - If successful, you should receive a confirmation email within 5 working days.


Limited Giveaway Accounts:

Each Ckcapital giveaway post offers 10k Evaluation Accounts to 10 random traders, with a total of 100 accounts available.

Ckcapital 10k Challenge Accounts are limited to 100 traders per giveaway post, with a chance for 10 random traders to get 10k Evaluation Accounts. The remaining account giveaway post information is updated on Discord. 

Multiple Chances:

If you do not win, you can participate in another round of the giveaway for additional chances to win one of the 10k Challenge Accounts.

The Ckcapital 10k Challenge Account Giveaway provides a valuable opportunity for traders to earn a funded trading account by completing simple tasks. Ensure you follow all participation rules and guidelines to maximize your chances of winning.

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