Near Wallet Crypto Hot token Mining

Near Wallet Hot Mining

Near Wallet, a Telegram-based non-custodial wallet designed for the NEAR Protocol blockchain, introduces Crypto hot token mining, allowing all participants to mine HOT cryptocurrency tokens directly within Telegram. The mined HOT tokens are expected to be transferable and withdrawable once the HOT Network is officially launched on exchanges.

How to Mine Hot Token

Mining HOT tokens is a straightforward process:
1. Open NearWallet HotMining on Telegram.
2. Tap Launch Near Wallet and set up your wallet, ensuring you note down your keyphrase and address for backup.
3. After creating your wallet, claim your first Hot Token to start the mining process. The mining process stops when the storage bar fills up.

Hot crypto token Storage:

Initially, participants have a small storage capacity that fills up every 2 hours. To continue hot mining, ensure you claim the tokens to start the process again. Additionally, you can increase your storage using HOT tokens to extend the uninterrupted mining time. There are a total of 6 levels of storage.
additionally similar upgrading feature in fireplace options.

Mining Speed:

Mining speed can be increased in three ways: upgrading the fireplace, inviting friends, and joining Explore Villages to mine an extra 5% Hot. Inviting friends is the most effective method, with a two-level referral system in place. You can also earn bonuses by completing special missions.

Gas Fee:

Gas fees are incurred during the HOT token claiming process. Users have two options for covering gas fees:

- Deposit a small amount of NEAR tokens to cover the low network fees (around $0.002) for each transaction.

- Free Cover gas fees in HOT tokens 30% deduction in mining tokens.

Profit Opportunities:

Once Hot tokens are listed on exchanges and live in markets mined Hot tokens can be transferred and exchanged for USDT or other cryptocurrencies.

Consideration Tips

1. Ensure you note down and take a screenshot of your keyphrase and address during Near Wallet setup for backup.
2. Claim hot tokens when storage is full to start hot mining again.

By participating in Near Wallet's hot mining, users have the opportunity to earn HOT tokens directly within Telegram, with the potential for future profits once the tokens are tradable on exchanges.
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