$4,000 Worth of $PUSH Crypto Giveaway

$4,000 Worth of $PUSH Crypto Giveaway

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company, has announced a Crypto Giveaway introducing $4,000 worth of $PUSH for 80 lucky users. Participants can join the event by completing simple tasks and submitting their entry in the Bitget Giveaways form.


How to Participate

1. Complete signup on the Bitget platform.
2. Open the Bitget$ PUSH Giveaway announcement tweet.
3. Complete the mentioned tasks:
   - Follow Bitget & Push Protocol  on Twitter.
   - Repost the tweet with #PUSHxBitget & tag your friends.
4. Fill up the Google form provided and submit your Bitget UID, Twitter username, and the link of your repost.

After completing the tasks, participants should stay updated for announcements. Bitget will randomly select 80 qualified winners to receive $PUSH Crypto tokens in their Bitget accounts!


Profit Opportunity:

After the giveaway ends, the 80 qualified winners will receive $4,000 worth of $PUSH tokens in their Bitget accounts. Winners can choose to sell Push crypto tokens for USDT on the exchange or withdraw them to their bank using peer-to-peer methods.


The giveaway offer is available to all Bitget users who follow the Bitget Twitter account.
- Participants must ensure to use #PUSHxBitget during their repost.
- The giveaway ends on March 24, 2024, at 4 PM UTC. Entries must be submitted before the deadline in the giveaway form.

This giveaway presents an exciting opportunity for Bitget users to participate and potentially win $PUSH tokens, adding value to their crypto portfolio.
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