MetaxGlobal $20 Crypto No Deposit Bonus | Updated

MetaxGlobal $20 Crypto No Deposit Bonus  

MetaxGlobal, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is introducing a $20 Future Trade Bonus for all new users without KYC. This bonus allows new users to receive $20 in trading funds, which can be utilized for future trades. To be eligible for profit withdrawal, users must achieve a minimum profit of $100 using the $20 Future Trade Bonus. ( updated

How to Participate: 

Participating in the MetaxGlobal $20 Crypto No Deposit Bonus is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the official Metaxpro website.
2. Summit necessary info steps for registration.
  - If you haven't received the verification email, check your Gmail promotion tab.
3. After registration, log in to Metaxpro and navigate to the bonus section where the $20 Future Trade Bonus will be instantly credited. (No need for KYC)
4. Utilize the $20 bonus to execute trades in the future trading zone.

Profit Opportunity

To qualify for profit withdrawal, users must meet the following conditions:

- Achieve a profit of at least $100 using the $20 Future Trade Bonus.
- Once the profit of $100 is reached, trader can transfer the $100 profit into their wallet and proceed with the withdrawal process.


Ensure to carefully follow the instructions provided by MetaxGlobal for claiming the bonus.

Take advantage of the $20 bonus to explore future trading opportunities on the MetaxGlobal platform.

Adhere to the terms and conditions outlined by MetaxGlobal regarding profit withdrawal eligibility and procedures.

By participating in the MetaxGlobal $20 Crypto No Deposit Bonus offer, new users can get $20 Free trading fund bonus to start the crypto trading journey without the need for an initial deposit and potentially earn profits using the provided bonus funds.
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