MixMob Origin 1 Million SUD$ Crypto Airdrop Campaign

MixMob Origin 1 Million SUD$ Crypto Airdrop Campaign

MixMob Origin announced on Twitter on February 3, 2024, the launch of its Crypto AIRDROP event with a prize pool of 1,000,000 SUD (~$10,000). All users can participate in this Crypto airdrop by following and completing simple tasks, and they will receive rewards after the event ends.

Requirements to Participate:

1. Visit MixMob Airdrop Post: Access the MixMob Airdrop post to participate in the event. Ended

2. Enter Your Email Address: Submit your email address to participate in the airdrop.

3. Complete 10 Tasks: Participants need to complete 10 tasks such as liking, following, etc., on platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

4. Submit Solna Crypto Address: Open your Trust wallet and copy your Sol (Solna) crypto deposit address. Submit this Solna crypto address on the airdrop page to receive the reward after the event ends.

Updates $SUD listing 

MixMob team announced that the token will soon be listed on Kucoin and Bybit exchange.

Profit Opportunities

After receiving the $SUD airdrop reward, participants can hold onto the token. When the token is listed on exchanges like Kucoin and Bybit, participants can trade, exchange it for USDT, and potentially profit from it.


- The MixMob airdrop program is open for participation from February 1st to February 22nd. 
- Airdrop rewards will be distributed on February 29th.
- Participants must complete all tasks to be eligible for the airdrop.

This presents a great opportunity for users to earn rewards by participating in the MixMob Origin Crypto Airdrop Campaign. Make sure to complete all the tasks and follow the guidelines provided to receive your reward after the event concludes.
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