Zetradex $100 No deposit bonus

Zetradex $100 no deposit bonus

Zetradex, a trading broker introduced in 2024, offers all new signup traders a $100 no deposit bonus for their live trading account without requiring a deposit. Traders can use this trading fund in the market, and all profits made are withdrawable after meeting the terms and conditions set by Zetradex.

How to Claim $100 Trading Fund

1. Navigate to the Official Promo NDB Zetradex: Visit the official Zetradex website and find the promotion for the $100 no deposit bonus. (Ended)

2. Fill Up Necessary Details and Login to the Main Dashboard: Complete the registration process and log in to your main dashboard.

3. Complete Account Verification: To be eligible for the $100 no deposit bonus, complete the account verification process.

4. Apply for the $100 Bonus: After your account is verified, apply for the $100 bonus through the bonuses section of your dashboard.
- wait Upto 48hr Zetradex team will review your request and NDB automatically credit to your account.

5. Trade with $100 Trading Fund and Achieve Profit: Login to the trading platform and start trading with the $100 trading fund. Once you've achieved a profit, follow the withdrawal conditions.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions

According to Zetradex, traders must meet specific trading rules with the $100 trading amount to withdraw their profits. Here are the key conditions:

- Once the trader receives the $100 trading fund, they can use it for trading. Profits can be withdrawn after meeting certain lot conditions depending profit amount.
- The maximum profit a trader can apply for under this program is up to $100.

Suppose Trade A made a profit of $30 using the $100 fund. According to Zetradex, the trader can apply for the $30 profit after completing 7.5 trading lots. No deposit is required during profit withdrawal.

Consider Before Claiming

Before applying for the NDB trading fund of $100, traders should contact customer support to confirm the bonus eligibility in their country. Additionally:
- Traders can manually check the availability of the $100 NDB offer by logging into their main dashboard and verifying if the offer is displayed in the Bonuses section.
- The NDB account comes with leverage of up to 1:2000, and withdrawal amounts range from $10 to $100.
- The company reserves the right to cancel the profit bonus in case of loss, as funds in the amount of 50%.
- Bonuses may be canceled if traders fail to meet the terms and conditions or if duplicate accounts and multiple IP addresses are detected.
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