FBS Forecast Event Win $50 Trading Fund

FBS Forecast Event Win $50 Trading Fund

FBS Trading Broker offers all FBS users a chance to win $50 trading fund in this month Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) news event. To participate, traders need to forecast the NFP data before its release and submit their entry. This NFP forecast event by FBS is valid until February 2, 2024, before the release of the NFP data.

Requirements to Participate in the FBS Forecast Event:

1. FBS Registered Trader: Only traders registered with FBS can participate in this event.

2. Instagram Account: Participants must have an Instagram account.

Before the release of the NFP news this month, traders need to submit their NFP forecast predictions on the designated FBS NFP forecast Instagram post. ended

Additionally, they should follow and like FBS posts as per the instructions.

Winner Selection

After the release of the NFP news, FBS will select the two most accurate predictions as winners. Each winner will receive $50 credited to their FBS trading account.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions

After the NFP event ends, the $50 cash reward credited to the winners' live accounts can be used for trading. All profits made using this reward can be withdrawn with no conditions applied.


- The FBS forecast news event is valid until February 2, 2024, before the release of the NFP news.

- Each FBS trader can participate in this offer, and a maximum of two winners will be selected.

This FBS forecast event presents an exciting opportunity for traders to win $50 in trading funds by accurately predicting the NFP data. Make sure to participate before the deadline and adhere to the guidelines to increase your chances of winning.

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