Equiti $30 No Deposit Bonus

Equiti $30 No Deposit Bonus

Equiti, a trading broker, offers a promotion known as the Equiti $30 no deposit bonus exclusively for Malaysia Country users. This bonus allows eligible participants to receive a $30 trading fund upon signing up and verifying their identity. The $30 trading fund can generate profits that are withdrawable after meeting certain conditions set by the Equiti broker.

How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the official Equiti broker platform.
2. Sign Up and Verify Your Email: Register for an account and complete the email verification process. Set your login password during this step.

3. Confirmation of $30 NDB Availability: After signing up, ensure that the $30 No Deposit Bonus offer is still available by confirming it via customer chat.

4. Once confirmed, submit your account verification details. Upon successful verification, request the $30 NDB to be credited via the helpdesk or customer chat.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

According to Equiti, the $30 trading bonus cannot be withdrawn directly. However, traders can utilize it for trading purposes. 

Profits generated from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn after meeting a trading volume requirement of 2 standard lots in the NDB account.

After fulfilling these requirements, traders should contact the customer chat and request a profit withdrawal.


Before claiming the $30 NDB, traders should verify that the offer is still active through customer chat.
The Equiti $30 NDB trading fund applies only to Malaysia traders.
Equiti Broker reserves the right to modify or add conditions to the bonus program. Traders should stay informed by regularly checking the official terms and conditions provided by Equiti Broker and trade responsibly.
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