PrimeX $30 No Deposit Bonus

PrimeX $30 No Deposit Bonus Gift Account

PrimeX Trading Broker is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by offering new traders a "$30 Gift Account" with no deposit required. This promotion is available from July 1 to August 31 for traders from select countries. Eligible traders can register and verify their accounts to claim the trading fund.

How to Claim Your Bonus:

1. Navigate to the Official PrimeX Promo Page:
   - This offer is available only for traders from Iraq, South Africa, Morocco, and Algeria.

2. Fill in the Necessary Information:
   - Register as a new trader and submit account verification.

3. Receive the Bonus:
   - Navigate to the MetaTrader 5 Tap, choose "Live" open the "Gift Account," and the $30 trading bonus will be credited after 
   - The PrimeX Broker team will verify your details within 48 hours, and you will receive an email with your account information.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions

Traders able to withdraw profit from a $30 gift account must fulfill the following conditions:

1. The eligible trader must have closed at least 30 trade orders in the account and achieved at least 3 standard lots.

2. Traders can request a withdrawal minimum of $70 or more after being fully verified.


The official name of the PrimeX $30 no deposit bonus is "$30 Gift Account," and no deposit is required.

The offer is available for a limited time, from July 1 to August 31, 2024, for existing traders, and is valid for new traders until August 15, 2024.

In Conclusion

The PrimeX Trading Broker $30 Gift Account promotion is an excellent opportunity for new traders from Iraq, South Africa, Morocco, and Algeria to start trading without an initial deposit. Remember to follow all the steps and meet the conditions to fully benefit from this offer.
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