Quick Trade Capital Challenge Account Giveaways

Quick Trade Capital $5K Free Challenge Account Giveaways

Quick Trade Capital, a prop firm services platform, is celebrating its upcoming launch with a $5K Free Challenge Account giveaway for 10,000 new traders. Secure your spot by completing simple tasks such as registering, following them on social media, and joining their Discord community.

Requirements to be Eligible for the Campaign

1. Navigate to the official QuickTradeCapital website.
2. Fill in Necessary Details: Complete the registration form to reserve your spot in the campaign.
 3. Follow on Social Media:
    - Follow Quick Trade Capital on Twitter.
    - Follow Quick Trade Capital on Instagram.
    - Join the Quick Trade Capital Discord community.
4. Stay Tuned: Keep an eye out for the announcement date to claim your challenge account.

Profit Conditions

The rules for the $5K 3-step challenge account will be updated in this post after Quick Trade Capital official launch.



Quick Trade Capital will officially distribute rewards on the launch date to celebrate the offer for 10,000 limited traders with a free $5k 3-Step Challenge account.

By participating in this campaign, traders agree to adhere to all terms and conditions and Traders must follow Quick Trade Capital social media handles and stay tuned for the announcement

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