Hantec Market $50 No Deposit Bonus

Hantec Market $50 No Deposit Bonus

Hantec Market, a trading broker, has launched the Hantec Market $50 No Deposit Bonus on December 18th at 10 am (GMT-3), 2023. This bonus is available to traders in select countries and can be claimed by verifying your identity and address proof with Hantec Market. Although the $50 fund cannot be withdrawn directly, use it for trading, and any generated profits can be withdrawn without any conditions. The offer is valid until December 31, 2023.

Steps To Claim The Hantec Market NDB.

Participating in Hantec Market's $50 No Deposit Bonus offer involves the following steps:

1. Visit the official Hantec Market website and complete the registration.

- Before signing up, contact customer support to confirm the availability of the offer.

2. Provide the necessary information to complete your profile.

3. Verify your identity and address by submitting the required verification documents.

4. Once the account is verified, traders are eligible to claim the $50 trading credit. Login details will also be sent to traders via email.

5. After receiving the bonus, traders should carefully consider and meet the terms and conditions.

Withdrawal Conditions and Profit

While the $50 bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, Hantec Market provides traders with an opportunity to profit from their trades:

- Profit Withdrawal: Traders can withdraw profits earned through trading using the bonus amount.

- No Deposit and Minimum Lots Condition: Profit withdrawal does not require a deposit or a minimum lot condition.

- Bonus Return on Profit Withdrawal: During the profit withdrawal process, the bonus amount will be removed.

Considerations Before Claiming NDB $50

- Traders are allowed only one account per client, computer, or IP address to ensure transparency and fair trading practices.

- If the $50 bonus is not used within a specified period, it will be removed by Hantec Markets.

- Traders can choose a maximum leverage of 500:1 in the $50 trading account.

- The bonus offer is exclusively available for clients in AFRICA, VIETNAM, SPAIN, and PORTUGAL.

Hantec Market retains the right to modify its promotional trading terms and conditions, demonstrating its commitment to adapting to market dynamics and meeting the evolving needs of traders.

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