ThePeoplesProp Giveaways $10k Challenge Accounts

ThePeoplesProp $10k Free Challenge Account Giveaways

ThePeoplesProp has announced the launch of its prop firm services on January 1, 2024. Currently, they are running a Giveaway offer on their Discord account, providing an opportunity for users to receive a Free $10k Challenge Account upon the service's launch. Additionally, the top 10 inviters will be rewarded with higher challenge accounts. (Ended)

How to Participate:

To be eligible for the $10k Challenge Account giveaways, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of ThePeoplesProp and join the Discord server.
- Before join verified your new discord acount with Email.

2. In the Discord server, navigate to ThePeoplesProp (Invite tab) and copy your user link.

3. Invite a minimum of 5 new members to ThePeoplesProp Discord channel using your invite link.

- ThePeoplesProp Discord channel valid invitation link available in the telegram group
- You can also join the Telegram channel to share your invite link and achieve the 5-member target.

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