APXPrime $30 No Deposit Bonus under IB

APXPrime $30 No Deposit Bonus

ApxPrime, the trading broker, is offering a $30 No Deposit Bonus promotion from December 20, 2023, until January 12, 2024, known as the "BossDin $30 NDB" program. This is a private promo under the selected IB for eligible countries and regions associated with the ib BossDin network. To claim this NDB, traders need to sign up with the IB link, and successfully verify trader gets a $30 bonus will be automatically credited, which can be used for trading. Profits generated can be withdrawn after meeting APXPrime terms and conditions.

In this post, we will provide you with comprehensive details about the APXPrime $30 No Deposit Bonus promotion, guide you on how to claim it, outline the withdrawal conditions, list eligible country names, and provide insights into calculations about the APXPrime NDB

How to Claim Step by Step:

1. Visit the official APX Prime site and complete the signup with BossDin Apxprime ib network.

 - Note: Read the full post to find the eligible country names that can receive this NDB.

2. Verify Your Identity and Address: Complete the identity and address verification process for account security.

3. Open a Live Trading Account: Choose the bonus section and select "BossDin $30 NDB" after verifying your account. The $30 will be automatically credited within working days.

4. Login to MetaTrader 4: Log in to your MetaTrader 4 account and meet the profit withdrawal terms and conditions.

5. Already a Client: If you are already a client, you are also eligible for this offer. Contact customer chat and request to be added under the IB BossDin.

APXPrime $30 No Deposit Bonus

APXPrime $30 NDB

$30 NDB Withdrawal Conditions:

The $30 NDB offer comes with withdrawal conditions:

 To be eligible for withdrawal, clients must first deposit $100 into their Standard Account.

Additionally, to withdraw funds from the Standard Account, clients need to trade a minimum of 1 lot.

- Trading Lot Count: Hold the trade open and closed for a minimum of three minutes.

- Maximum withdrawal limit of $100 in the NDB account with a maximum leverage of up to 1:500.

After meeting the above conditions, traders are eligible to withdraw profit + deposit amount.

Important Considerations:

The $30 bonus is available to clients in regions: Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei under the BossDin IB network.

Bonus Expiry: The bonus expires on January 19, 2024, at 00:00 AM (GMT +8).

Bonus Usage: The trading credit bonus is only used as a supporting margin and for floating trading.

Multiple Accounts and Registration: Prohibited from the same IP address/device; may result in disqualification and forfeiture of bonuses and profits.


The APXPrime NDB promotion is available for traders in select countries. It's crucial to understand the deposit conditions for profit withdrawal. Before proceeding, verify the broker's credibility and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.

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