Wikifx Demo Contest Win Cash Reward Every Week

WikiFX Trading Contest

Price: 1st rank $200, 2nd rank $100, 3rd rank $50.

Event duration: Every week.

Reward distribution: Every week.

WikiFX Demo Contest: All new users are invited to join the WikiFX platform and participate in the WikiFX Demo Trading Contest Every Week. This contest offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your trading abilities and win rewards based on your ranking.

WikiFX | How to join events

1. Tap the below link to Install the WikiFX app


2. Open the app and sign in with Gmail

3. Click the main menu and tap the emulator icon

4. Click on the emulator icon and select/search for any broker. Tap on the broker icon to open a demo trading account.

5. After you will automatically join the Demo Trading Contest once your account is opened. Start trading and follow the rules to grow your account and have a chance to win rewards up to 200 USD every week.

6. You can also check your Demo Contest rank on the ranking page.


Wikifx Demo Rules Contest Rules:

1. Participation: To join the contest, open a demo trading account and receive 100,000 demo funds. Engage in demo trading by opening a position during the week, which makes you eligible for the weekly ranking based on your rate of return.

2. Weekly Contest Awards: You can qualify for the weekly contest awards if you have positive profitability (more than 0.00%). These awards will be granted after the market closes on the last trading day. The event page provides details about the prize money, with prizes going up to 200 USD. The distribution of prizes is as follows: 1st prize: 200 USDT, 2nd prize: 100 USDT, 3rd prize: 50 USDT.

3. Prize Collection: If you are among the top three winners, you need to post screenshots of your winning trades on social media platforms using the hashtags #demotrade and #WikiFX. Additionally, share your winning post with at least three friends. You can collect your prize money within 5 working days.

4. Account Reset: Please note that you can reset your account only once during the contest. Multiple resets will result in disqualification from the ranking.

5. Prohibited Practices: It is important to follow certain rules during the contest period. Avoid engaging in malicious hedging, high-frequency trading, spreads, time-delayed arbitrage, bricklaying, scalping, or any other violations. Participants violating these rules will be banned, and their accounts will be blacked out with a warning. Repeated violations will lead to disqualification from the contest. 

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