Oroku Edge No Deposit Bonus

Oroku Edge No Deposit Bonus

Oroku Edge, the trading broker, is offering a limited-time Oroku Edge No Deposit Bonus promotion from July 3rd to July 4th, 2024. This promotion is exclusively for new traders from Malaysia and Brunei. Participants can take advantage of this NDB (No Deposit Bonus) promotion to receive a trading fund of 25 MYR and start trading. All profits made are fully withdrawable according to Oroku Edge's terms.

Eligibility Criteria 

To qualify for the trading fund bonus, traders must follow these steps:

1. Navigate the Official OrokuEdge Platform and Confirm Your Account:
   - All new trades Note that this offer is only available to traders from Malaysia and Brunei

2. Complete Necessary Registration Information and Submit Verification:

3. After Account Verification, Open a "NDB" Trading Account:
   - Once your trader account is verified, open a "NDB" trading account.
   - Traders will receive details of the NDB account with a credited 25 MYR trading fund.

Profit Rules

To be eligible for withdrawing profits from the NDB  Account, traders must meet the following requirements:
- The 25 MYR trading fund is valid for 15 days from the date of credit.
- While the credited bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, profits generated up to 100 MYR are withdrawable.

When withdrawing profits, traders must first transfer the NDB bonus profits to another trading account or wallet before applying for withdrawal.


This Oroku Edge No Deposit Bonus provides an excellent opportunity for new traders from Malaysia and Brunei to start trading without any initial deposit. With the potential to withdraw profits up to 100 MYR, it's a straightforward way to explore trading on Oroku Edge platform. 
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