ITBFX $50 Account Opening Bonus

ITBFX $50 Account Opening Bonus

ITBFX, a financial markets broker, introduces the $50 Account Opening Bonus for all new users. This promotion allows traders to receive a $50 trading fund bonus upon opening an ITB $50 Trading account and meeting the deposit condition.

ITBFX $50 No Deposit Bonus?

While commonly referred to as the "ITB $50 No deposit bonus," its official promotion name is the "ITB $50 Account Opening Bonus." It's essential to note that this promotion requires a first $50 deposit condition before traders can claim the $50 trading fund bonus.

How to Participate:

Follow these steps to apply for the bonus:

1. Navigate to the promotional ITBFX page.

2. Fill Up Necessary Details:
   - Complete the required details, and if you choose the $50 promo option, proceed.

3. Claim $50 Trading Fund Bonus:
   - According to Itbfx, traders can claim the $50 trading fund bonus by depositing the first $50 into their trading account.

4. Meet the Conditions:
   - Upon receiving the trading fund bonus, login to MetaTrader and meet the specified conditions.

Profit Conditions:

To qualify for profit withdrawal, participants must adhere to the following conditions:

- After receiving the trading fund, traders who make a profit of $100 can withdraw their profit only after one month.
- If traders wish to withdraw profits exceeding $100, they must meet a 2-lot condition for each additional $50 profit.
- Lot calculation requires at least five minutes of active trade time and a change in the opening and closing price of the transaction by at least five pips.

After meeting the above conditions, traders are eligible to request profit withdrawal.


Before claiming the trading fund, it's advisable to contact customer chat support to confirm your eligibility.
The ITBFX $50 Trade fund bonus is received once traders meet the first deposit rule.

The trading bonus is credited to trading accounts with a maximum leverage (leverage) of 200.

Participate in the ITBFX $50 Account Opening Bonus to start your trading journey, ensuring compliance with the specified terms and conditions for eligibility and profit withdrawal

ITBFX reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without prior notification.
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