DigiTrade $30 Welcome Bonus

DigiTrade $30 Welcome Bonus

DigiTrade, a newly established finance broker, introduces a $30 Welcome Bonus. According to DidiTrade, new clients have the opportunity to trade with free trading funds without having to make a deposit. The Welcome Account is very easy to open, and the profit earned is yours to keep.

How to Participate

1. Navigate to the Official DidiTrade Promo Page:
   - Confirm with DigiTrade support chat that the offer is available in your country before proceeding.

2. Complete the Necessary Signup Steps:
   - Follow the instructions provided on the promo page.
   - Contact customer support for better guidance and assistance.


Profit Withdrawal Conditions

According to DigiTrade, the $30 Welcome Bonus promo page mentions:
- No need to deposit funds.
- No risk of losing your money.
- Profits earned can be withdrawn.

Any additional terms and conditions will be provided as soon as they are available.



DigiTrade website appeared in the market in September 2023, and details about the $30 welcome bonus campaign beginning and ending dates are not available.
- Before taking advantage of the offer, confirm your eligibility via DigiTrade support.
DigiTrade $30 Welcome Bonus provides a great opportunity for new traders to start trading without any financial risk. Ensure to verify the availability and eligibility of the offer with the support team before participating.
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