Fxtrendo no deposit bonus

Fxtrendo No Deposit Bonus

Fxtrendo online Fx broker, introduces a no deposit bonus offering free trading funds for new traders. Traders can randomly receive trading funds after signup, allowing them to engage in real forex trading without risking their capital. Profits earned from trading can be withdrawn, up to $200, after meeting Trendo conditions.

To receive a forex bonus from Trendo:

1. Open the  Fxtrendo trading app: Trendo.
2. Before registration, note if the trading bonus banner is displayed on the main page.
   - If the banner is displayed with 3 steps to claim the trading bonus, it means the bonus is available.          - Complete the steps to receive the trading fund.

3. After completing the banner requirements, instant $10 trading funds will be credited, visible in the trade tap section.
4. Start trading and achieve profits to meet the rules.

Profit Conditions:

New trader users will receive a welcome bonus trading fund without needing to top up their account. They can make their first real trades in the forex market without risk and withdraw profits.

Conditions for withdrawing from the bonus account:
1. Period of activity in the bonus account: The one-month activity period begins as soon as the first trade is entered.

2. Trading volume: Trading in the bonus account must only be done with a 0.01 lot trading volume.

3. Weekly profit amount: Users must earn at least 200 pips of profit every week. 
For example, a minimum of 200 pips means $20 per week.

4. Maximum withdrawal: The maximum withdrawal from the bonus account is $200.

After meeting the above conditions, traders can contact customer chat and request profit withdrawal.


The Fxtrendo broker campaign offers the trading bonus randomly after the first login to the Trendo app.
- This campaign comes with no deposit condition, as referenced by the Fxtrendo no deposit bonus.
- Note that every user can receive the bonus account and the Trendo welcome bonus only once.

Trendo reserves the right to change the rules and regulations of the bonus account without prior notice. Any changes will be published on the Trendo Broker website.
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