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Didimax $100 No Deposit Bonus

Didimax, an Indonesian financial trading services provider, offers the Didimax $100 Trading Fund Bonus for registered clients. This promotion enables traders to commence their Forex trading journey with a $100 trading fund bonus. All profits generated from trading using this bonus can be withdrawn, up to a maximum of $100, upon meeting the profit withdrawal conditions.

How to Claim Your Didimax $100 Bonus

Claiming the Didimax $100 Trading Bonus is a straightforward process. Follow these 3 steps:

1. Navigate to the Official Dididimax No Deposit Bonus Page.

2. Access Didimax Trader Mobile Apps:
   - Open the Didimax Trader Mobile Apps, access the client area, and tap the "$100 BONUS" button.

3. After accessing the account details, log in to your trading account on MT5. Additionally, the $100 trading fund bonus will be displayed on the main page of the trading app.

Didimax $100 Withdrawal Conditions:

To withdraw profits generated in the no deposit bonus trading account, traders must meet the following conditions:

1. Trading Volume Requirement:
   - Traders must complete a trading volume of 50 standard lots within 30 days to withdraw profits earned from trading.

2. Maximum Profit Withdrawal:
   - The maximum profit available for withdrawal is $100 per customer.

Considerations before Claiming:

Before claiming the Didimax $100 Bonus, consider the following:

This promotion is exclusively available for Indonesian trader usersTraders Old Rule
Traders manually check if they are eligible for this offer by signing in to the Didimax trading app. If the $100 bonus banner is displayed on the main page, it means the Didimax $100 bonus is available.

The promotion is commonly referred to as the "Didimax $100 No Deposit Bonus," but its official name is the "Didimax $100 Welcome Bonus."
- Ensure the availability of the $100 bonus in your country by contacting Didimax customer support.
- Clients are allowed to open only one account and claim the bonus once. Hedging trading and trading with EAs are not permitted.

The company reserves the right to modify the conditions of the bonus program and reject profit withdrawal requests in case of fraud or detection of multiple IP Addresses during the period.

Take advantage of the Didimax $100 No Deposit Bonus to kickstart your Forex trading journey, and ensure compliance with the specified terms and conditions for eligibility and profit withdrawal.
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