Sure Leverage Funding $5k Accounts Giveaway for 5k Trader

Sure Leverage Funding $5k Accounts Giveaway

Sure Leverage Funding, a prop firm services platform, introduces the $5k Giveaway campaign for 100 random traders, providing them with the opportunity to receive a Free $5k Challenge Account. Traders can participate by completing simple tasks for a chance to win. Upon successful completion of the challenge account rules, participants can access a funded trading account with the potential to withdraw profits split up to 100%.

How to Participate:

1. Navigate Sure Leverage Funding Giveaways Post: Ended
2. Complete Gleam Tasks:
   - Follow the instructions provided in the post to participate in the event. This may include tasks such as following, retweeting, commenting, and tagging a trader under the giveaway post on Twitter. Additionally, participants may need to join the Sure Leverage Funding community on Discord.

Profit Conditions:

The terms and conditions for the giveaway will be updated soon when the event ends.


Sure Leverage Funding prop firm announced the $5k Giveaway for 100 random participants.
- Participants must submit their entries before the event ends.
- Sure Leverage Funding Account Giveaway presents traders with an exciting opportunity to win a $5K Challenge Account.

Participate in the Sure Leverage Funding $5k Accounts Giveaway for a chance to win a funded trading account, ensuring compliance with the specified terms and conditions for eligibility and profit withdrawal.
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