Bold Prime Mystery Picture Puzzel Contest

Bold Prime Mystery Picture Contest

Boldprime Broker is hosting a campaign on Telegram introducing the Mystery Picture Contest! Each week, 5 winners will be selected. Participating traders will receive an image on Telegram. Study the image, unravel the clues, and crack the code to submit your entry for a chance to win training funds.

Steps for Participating Traders:

1. Participating traders must have a trading account with Boldprime.

2. Traders must join the official Boldprime Telegram channel.

3. Traders will receive a Mystery puzzle image every working day from Monday to Friday via the Boldprime Telegram channel.

4. Traders should solve the image puzzle and comment the correct answer in the post.

Winner and Profit Conditions:

Winners will be selected based on the trader who is the quickest to answer all questions correctly. Each week, 5 winners will be chosen, and each winner will receive a $20 trading fund bonus.
Traders can use the $20 bonus for trading, and any generated profit can be withdrawn, up to a maximum of $200.


Winning participants should contact the customer chat and submit their trading account number to receive the trading fund bonus from Bold Prime.
Each client, computer, or IP address can open only one Bonus account.
Bold Prime reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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