SwiftFunding Challenge Accounts Giveaway | Updated

SwiftFunding Giveaway 

SwiftFunding, a prop firm trading platform, hosting a giveaway from time to time on Twitter called "SwiftFunding Challenge Accounts Giveaways" to Participants have the opportunity to win free SwiftFunding Trading Challenge Accounts. Successful participants who pass the challenge acount receive a funded account, and profits generated from this account are withdrawable up to 80% profit sharing.


Joining the giveaway is a simple process:

1. Twitter Account Requirement: Participants must have a Twitter account to participate in the giveaways and stay updated on announcements.

Recent Giveaways Update from SwiftFunding

On March 4th, SwiftFunding announced the "10 x $10K CHALLENGES GIVEAWAY!" where they are giving away 10 x $10k Accounts to bootstrap your trading experience. 
To enter the giveaway according to the Swiftfunding tweet post.

- Follow SwiftFunding on Twitter and like and quote retweet the giveaway post with a caption on what you are looking forward to with Swift Funding. Additionally, tag 3 of your trader friends and include your quote retweet link in the comments below.

- SwiftFunding will choose 5 of the best captions and 5 of the greatest engagements.
The giveaway will run until March 7th, 11:59 GMT+2.

By following these steps and meeting the requirements, you can participate in the SwiftFunding Challenge Accounts Giveaway for a chance to win a free SwiftFunding Trading Challenge Account and potentially receive a funded account with withdrawable profits.
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