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The Funded Trader Giveaways

The Funded Trader, a proprietary trading platform, regularly hosts free trading account giveaways on Twitter, offering traders the chance to win free virtual challenge accounts. Successful completion of the challenge can lead to receiving funded trading accounts. Additionally, The Funded Trader conducts monthly trading competitions where participants compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to earn funded trading accounts.

Requirements to Participate:

1. Navigate to the Official TheFundedTrader website.
2. Fill in the necessary details and complete the sign-up process on the platform.

3. Twitter Account Requirement: Participants must have a Twitter account to participate in the giveaways and stay updated on announcements.

Recent Giveaways Update from The Funded Trader

On March 7,2024, The Funded Trader announced 5x 25k Rapid Challenges Giveaways. 

To participate in giveaways visit The Funded Trader Tweet Post. ( Recent )
Follow @thefundedtrader on Twitter.
Follow @savedbyfx and @PropFirmJournal on Twitter.
Like and retweet the giveaway post on Twitter.
Join The Funded Trader's Discord channel.
Describe your experience with cTrader for a chance to win.

Submit your entry through the provided form before the event's deadline on March 12, 2024

On February 16, 2024, The Funded Trader announced UFC 298 GIVEAWAY  ( Ended )

Prize Distribution:
- First Place: $300k Royal Challenge
- Second Place: $200k Dragon Challenge
- Third Place: $100k Dragon Challenge
- Fourth - Tenth Place: $25k Dragon Challenge

Participation Method: Guess the winners of the UFC and Pick the winner of ALL MAIN and PRELIM CARD in the form provided. 
- Submit your entry for a chance to win The Funded Trader Challenges Trading Account.
UFC Fights Start: February 17th at 8 pm EST
Prize Distribution: Winners will be verified, and prizes will be sent out via email on Tuesday, February 20th.

On February 8, 2024, The Funded Trader announced a Q&A quest: ( Ended )

"Now is your chance to fill out this form with your best questions. During every Funded Trader podcast, we will run a segment towards the end where they ask the best questions in a rapid format! If you participate, you'll be entered in a 10 x $10k Giveaway! Visit the tweet post to participate." ( End )

Participating in The Funded Trader's giveaways and competitions offers traders the opportunity to access funded trading accounts and compete for cash prizes. Ensure to follow the instructions carefully and stay updated on announcements for upcoming opportunities.
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