SmartLayer $SLN Token Giveaway | $116 Reward Distribution Updated

SmartLayer $SLN Token Giveaway 

On February 21st, SmartLayer announced to celebrate its listing on OKX Exchange. As part of this celebration, SmartLayer is giving away 60,000 SLN tokens to 3,000 random users who participate in the event by completing simple tasks and submitting their OKX Exchange ETH deposit address.

Requirements to Participate:  

1. Visit the official SmartLayer tweet. ( Ended )
2. Complete simple tasks such as liking and retweeting the tweet.
3. Submit your OKX exchange ETC - ERC20 deposit address. 
- If you do not have OKX Exchange account, sign up and complete KYC verification, then submit your OKX ETH address in the post.


Profit Opportunities:

SmartLayer $SLN token will be listed on OKX Exchange on February 23rd at 10 am UTC. After the SmartLayer event ends, 3,000 random participants will receive a share of the prize pool consisting of 60,000 SLN tokens, with each recipient getting 20 SLN tokens.

Once the SLN tokens are received in your OKX Exchange account, you can directly sell them for USDT and get a profit.



On February 22, 2024, SmartLayer tweeted that they sent SLN token giveaway rewards to 3,000 random users. Please check your OKX account.
- Giveaway ended

Public source.


The SmartLayer event will conclude after the token is listed on OKX Exchange.

SmartLayer is a revolutionary technology leveraging blockchain to transform digital interactions. It serves as the infrastructure layer for token front-ends, with projects like ERC-5169,

This giveaway event not only celebrates SmartLayer's listing on OKX Exchange but also provides an opportunity for participants to benefit from the SLN token distribution.
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