BDswiss $50 No Deposit Bonus

BDswiss $50 No Deposit Bonus

On February 10th, BDswiss Finance trading broker introduced a free educational seminar featuring the Founder of the BBMA strategy, OMA Ally. The seminar is scheduled for February 24th from 9 am to 5 pm. Participants who register and attend the seminar will receive a free BDswiss $50 no deposit bonus and stand a chance to win prizes in a lucky draw, Additionally, all participants will enjoy complimentary food and drinks provided by BDswiss. ( Ended )

It is important to be eligible for the BDswiss $50 no deposit bonus that participants visit Malaysia and attend the OMA Ally BDswiss free education seminar.

How to Participate in the Seminar

1. Navigate to the official BDswiss educational seminar registration page.

2. Fill in the necessary details and confirm your seminar entry. ( Ended )
 - additionally, the participant has a trading acount in BDswiss trading broker.

3. Attend the seminar on February 24th at 9 am at the mentioned location: W Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 121 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, WP 50450, Malaysia.

After the conclusion of the event, participants will receive their rewards, including the BDswiss $50 no deposit bonus, directly into their accounts within working days.


Before registration note that only those who visit and attend the free educational seminar webinar on February 24th will be eligible to receive the rewards and the $50 no deposit bonus.

The Free Education Seminar webinar will be hosted deb 24 2024, in Malaysia at W Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 121 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, WP 50450 Malaysia.
- Registration for the free educational seminar webinar is available from February 10th to February 24th.

Additionally, during the BDswiss educational seminar webinar, traders will gain knowledge about the BBMA strategy directly from OMA Ally.

This seminar not only offers valuable insights into trading strategies but also provides participants with a rewarding opportunity to receive the $50 no deposit bonus from BDswiss.
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