EXOLO $20 No Deposit Bonus

EXOLO $20 No Deposit Bonus

EXOLO Crypto Exchange, announced a $20 Future Trading Bonus on February 16, 2024, in the tweet. This offer is available to all new sign-up users on a first-come, first-served with a limited quota. To be eligible to claim this trading bonus, users must complete KYC verification and instant credit verification. Additionally, the $20 bonus can be used in crypto futures trading and comes with a no deposit condition, for this reason, referenced as the Exolo $20 No Deposit Bonus.

Requirements to be Eligible:

1. Visit the official promo Exolo website. (The event has ended)
2. Sign up and verify your email.
   - before signup check offer is available. 
3. After logging in, tap on Future Trading Bonus and complete account verification.

Upon completing these steps, the $20 Future Trading Bonus will be instantly credited to the trader's account, which can be used in the future trade section, and all generated profits can be withdrawn.

Profit Withdrawal:

The $20 trading bonus can be used for 3 days with up to 100 leverage in crypto future trading and cannot be withdrawn. However,
The profit generated by using the bonus transaction can be withdrawn. 
After 3 days, the $20 future trading bonus will be removed. 
The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, depending on the crypto chain method. Before withdrawal, set up a fund password and enable 2FA security.


Before claiming, contact customer chat to confirm if the $20 trading bonus is available in your country. 

Additionally, the offer is valid from February 16, 10:47, to February 23, 13:30, and is first-come, first-served with a limited quota, the official promo name is Exolo Signup Bonus $20. ( Ended )

If traders face problems with signup and verification, they should use a web browser. The Future Trading bonus can be claimed after account verification.

The Exolo $20 No Deposit Bonus provides new users with an opportunity to start crypto future trading without making any initial deposits. With simple steps for eligibility and profit withdrawal conditions, it offers a convenient way for traders to explore the platform and potentially earn profits.
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