CLXY Crypto Airdrop Campaign | Updated $15 Distribution

CLXY Crypto Airdrop Campaign

The Creator’s Galaxy, a protocol & decentralized ecosystem, tweeted on February 12, 2024, announcing the $CLXY Airdrop Campaign in partnership with CalaxyApp for the next 100 million users in web3. Each participant will receive an airdrop of $15 worth of $CLXY on CalaxyApp. To be eligible for the $CLXY airdrop, participants must complete simple tasks.


1. Navigate to the official Calaxy portal: Ended  ( 23 March 2024)
  - Follow the instructions on the Calaxy home screen to add.
  - Open Calaxy and sign up with a phone number setup profile.

2. Setup your crypto wallet:
   Tap the wallet icon and set up your crypto wallet. Additionally, note down the keyphrase for backup and set a pin.

3. Check eligibility after wallet account creation:
  - Navigate to the wallet and tap on the three dots > received > manage tokens. If you see $CLXY, it means your account is associated automatically. 

 - If not automatically, add it manually by tapping "add token" and entering CLXY Token ID 0.0.859814. Associate it with the wallet. 
You will need a tiny amount of HBAR crypto token to associate.

4. Additional reward:
   After completing the above tasks, participants are eligible for a $15 worth $CLXY airdrop.      Additionally, participants can earn $30 worth of CLXY crypto token rewards for each successful referral.
- Participate in generating refer link taping middle navigation tap and entering your friend's number and text invite.

Airdrop Reward Distribution:

According to the CLXY Crypto Airdrop, all new accounts created in the next 30 days will receive an airdrop of $15 worth of CLXY. Furthermore, every successful invite will receive $30 worth of CLXY.

Profit Opportunities:

Participants who meet the airdrop requirements will receive $15 worth of $CLXY tokens directly into their wallet. To withdraw $CLXY:

Withdraw $CLXY, follow the steps. (Updated March 23, 2024)

a. Open HashPack Crypto wallet app and import your Galaxy backup phrase key.
b. Tap the DAPPS icon and navigate to saucerswap finance and select Calaxy token to swap HBAR.
c. Swap $15 CLXY token to HBAR and approve the blockchain transaction.

d. After, you can withdraw the HBAR Crypto token to any listed exchange like Binance and convert to USDT.
During the swap time, a small amount of HBAR is required, maybe $0.04; you can deposit at least $1 tiny amount HBAR token from Binance to your wallet.

Updated Airdrop Eligibility Criteria *

The Creator’s Galaxy updated on February 15th 2024 on Twitter, 
Some have asked how to prove you're not a bot, to make sure you qualify for the airdrop. 
To ensure eligibility,

Participants complete extra tasks
- Set a profile picture, create the first post on any topic, and follow Calaxy and Solo in the Calaxy app.


Most of the time, the Calaxy wallet associates the $CXLY token automatically, participating in not required fee.

But sometime during the completion of the point 4 associate task small $HBAR Token fee is required to associate the CLXY Token (fee $0.05USD).

The $CLXY Crypto airdrop is already live. This onboarding campaign is the first but not the last journey to earn airdrop rewards for the Calaxy community.
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