The5ers 20K Funded Account for $1

The5ers Bootcamp Program: $20K Funded Account for $1

The5ers, a Funding Trading Company, is currently running a special offer called the "BOOTCAMP PROGRAM," allowing traders to get a $20K funded account for only $1. The program involves proving your trading skills through three challenge account phases, and upon successfully passing each phase, traders receive a step-by-step progression towards a $20K BOOTCAMP FUNDED account.


Participating in the BOOTCAMP PROGRAM is a simple process with three steps:

1. Visit The5ers registration page.

2. Log in to the dashboard, tap account purchase, choose the Bootcamp program, select the Bootcamp $20K account, and confirm your order for $1.

- After a successful order, you will receive an email with the challenge account details.

3. Log in to MetaTrader using the challenge account details.

4. Pass each phase by achieving a 6% profit target. The trader starts with a $5K account and progresses to receive a $10K and $15K account after passing each phase.

- After passing all three phases, the trader receives a $20K BootCamp funded account.

Profit withdrawal

Upon receiving the $20K BootCamp funded account, traders need to follow the daily pause 3% or max loss 4% rules, including the 5% profit target minimum.
- Traders have the flexibility to decide how much profit they want to make.

To be eligible to withdraw all profits after achieving a 5% profit in the $20K BootCamp account, the program offers 100% profit sharing. The first payout is 14 days after receiving the funded account.

Challenge Account Rules:

To qualify for the challenge account, traders must adhere to the following rules:

1. Achieve a 6% profit target in each account phase to pass the challenge.

2. Avoid a maximum overall loss of 5% in each account phase.

3. Set a stop loss before 3 minutes for each trade. 5 Time Failure to do so may result in acount termination.

4. Use a maximum of 2% stop loss for each trade.

- For example, in a $10K challenge account, 2% of $10K is $200. Traders can use a maximum stop loss of $200 for each trade.

Accounts without activity for more than 14 consecutive days will be closed.

Before Signing Up:

The Bootcamp offer is limited and operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The cost is $1, and there are no extra fees after passing the challenge phases to receive the $20k funded account.

Payments can be made by credit/debit card option available, but the other payment method is not available.


The5ers BOOTCAMP PROGRAM provides an excellent opportunity for traders to showcase their skills and progress to a $20K funded account for just $1. However, before taking advantage of this offer, traders should conduct thorough research and make informed decisions.
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