Bitbrex Crypto no deposit bonus

Bitbrex Exchange Crypto Trading Bonus

Bitbrex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is currently hosting a promotional campaign titled "Max Task Reward $35" from 29 December to January 2024. This campaign offers an opportunity for all new registered clients to participate and receive a Futures Trial Fund specifically for futures trading. The provided coupon can be used in trading, and any profits generated are transferable or withdrawable. ( updated )

How to Get Bitbrex Reward

To participate and claim this trial fund reward, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Bitbrex exchange platform.

2. Create your account by entering your name and password, ensuring that you meet KYC, and contact Bitbrex Telegram admin for the account uid summit.

3. Receive up to a $35 USDT Trial Fund in your account in the "Reward Hub/My Account" section when you complete the tasks.

 - There are four tasks, and tasks 1, 2, or 4 come with no deposit conditions. Task 3 involves deposit requirements (skip if preferred).

- If you complete registration, meet account verification requirements, or share your referral link with Bitbrex banner images on social media, you are eligible to claim a coupon after filling out the form.

- Rewards are credited the next day, within up to 72 hours after filling the form.

Rules and Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

Claiming the Contract Voucher allows for future trading and trading proceeds can be withdrawn directly.

The contract coupon itself cannot be cashed out.

Trade Rules:

- Positions opened using futures trial funds must be closed within 32 hours; otherwise, the system will automatically close them.

- Fraudulent activities such as volume manipulation, mass registration, wash trading, or collusion may result in account bans and reward withdrawals.

- Bitbrex reserves the right to interpret and modify activity rules, ensuring fair play and maintaining the platform's integrity.

Participate in Bitbrex's Max Task Reward campaign for a chance to explore futures trading without risking your capital. Make sure to adhere to the rules and conditions for a smooth and enjoyable trading experience.

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