Opensat Crypto Airdrop Giveaways

Opensat Airdrop Giveaways

Opensat is conducting airdrop giveaways in collaboration with various communities, including AScoin, CryptoWhale, FoxWallet, and Metabots on Twitter. Users who participate in these airdrops have the opportunity to receive free Opensat tokens through simple tasks.

How to Participate:

Follow these three steps to participate in the Opensat Airdrop Giveaways:

1. Navigate to the giveaway announcement posts from AScoin, CryptoWhale, FoxWallet, and Metabots.

2. Complete the required tasks mentioned in the giveaway posts.

3. Submit your Bitcoin address as part of the participation process.

Crypto Airdrop Details:

Participating in these airdrops provides users with the opportunity to explore Opensat and receive ONST tokens, enhancing their experience in the cryptocurrency space.

1. AScoin Giveaway:

A total of 105,000 $ONST, worth $2500, will be distributed to 50 winners as part of the airdrop.

 - Follow the instructions provided in the AScoin giveaway post.

2. FoxWallet Giveaway:

FoxWallet is offering 50 $ONST WLs as rewards, with a total value of $2500. The giveaway is valid from January 10 to January 14.

 - Follow the instructions in the FoxWallet giveaway post. 

3. CryptoWhale Giveaway:

30 WL spots, totaling 63,000 $ONST, are up for grabs as part of the Opensat airdrop.

 - Follow the instructions provided in the Metabots giveaway post.

4. Metabots Giveaway:

 Metabots community members have the chance to win 50 WL spots, each receiving $ONST tokens from Opensat.

 - Follow the instructions provided in the Metabots giveaway post.

Please follow the specific instructions in each community's giveaway post to participate successfully.

About Opensat

Opensat is a multi-chain inscription aggregator with a swap interface, streamlining trading across various standards such as BRC, ORC, ARC, and more.

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