$1000 in $ZKF Airdrop With FoxWallet | Crypto Airdop

ZKFair Airdrop X FoxWallet

FoxWallet and ZKFair are collaborating in a special Airdrop event scheduled for January 4, 2024, with a prize pool of $1000 in $ZKF. The ZKFair crypto Airdrop will take place from January 4th to January 6th, and winners will receive 10U $ZKF tokens randomly distributed among 100 lucky participants.

Participation Steps:

Follow these steps to claim your share of the bounty:

1. Follow @FoxWallet & @ZKFCommunity on Twitter.

2. Like and Retweet the Airdop announcement post.

3. Install FoxWallet, set up your wallet, and add the Zkfair network chain.

4. Drop a screenshot of your FoxWallet ZKF address in the comments section of the FoxWalletOfficial Twitter ZKFair airdrop post.


The total prize pool is $1000 in $ZKF, with an additional random distribution of 10U $ZKF for 100 lucky participants.

About FoxWallet:

FoxWallet is a groundbreaking multi-chain web3 wallet in the crypto space. It allows users to seamlessly access various decentralized applications, manage digital assets, and interact across diverse blockchain networks.

About ZKFair:

ZKFair is introduced as the inaugural community ZK-L2, operating on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA. Powered by Lumoz, a prominent ZK-RaaS provider, ZKFair brings innovation by utilizing the stablecoin USDC as the gas token.

Limited-Time Crypto Airdrop

This limited-time airdrop provides an excellent opportunity to explore FoxWallet features and engage with the innovative ecosystem of ZKFair. This Crypto Airdrop event is valid for 48 hours. 

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