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Presearch Airdrop

Presearch is a decentralized crypto search engine that enables users to earn Pre Tokens by using the search engine. Participants in the airdrop can unlock their Pre tokens when they accumulate 1000 Pre tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase Pre services, trade, or exchange for cash after reaching the 1000 Pre token threshold.

How to Join and Earn Pre Tokens:

Joining the Pre airdrop offer involves a simple process in 2 steps:

1. Visit the official website and sign up for Presearch, a decentralized search engine.

2. After signing up, open Chrome and set/use Presearch as your default search engine.

3. Use search engines daily. PreSearch rewards users per search, offering 0.01 PRE crypto token per search, a maximum of 25 search,PRE tokens can be earned daily.

4. Unlock PRE tokens: Collect at least 1000 PRE tokens in your wallet.

- Open the Pre wallet and click withdraw token, fill up the Kucoin your Pre deposit address, and tap Withdraw.

After the token is received on the KuCoin platform exchange PRE for USDT or cash out to your bank.

Today's price of 1000 PRE tokens in USDT is $34.58 (date 15/12/2023)

Additional Consider:

- Search Staking: Staking Pre tokens provide a way to increase search rewards. The minimum threshold for increased search rewards is 1000 PRE tokens staked.

- It is important to note that performing automated searches or searching solely to generate tokens is against Presearch's Terms of Service. Engaging in such activities may lead to the forfeiture of rewards or tokens staked within your search staking account.

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