Glow Node $2M Funded Accounts Giveways

Glow Node $2M Funded Accounts Giveaways

Glow Node, a prop trading platform, is offering $2M Funded Accounts Giveaways from December 13th to December 24th. Participants have the opportunity to receive free $ 5K-200K Funded Challenge Accounts daily by using coupons announced on the Glow Node Twitter account.

Details of the Promotion:

- Free $5K Funded challenge coupons are posted daily on the n Glow Node Twitter account.

- The reward pool is $2M worth of Challenge Accounts.

- Ended

How to Join the  Funded Giveaway:

Joining the Giveaways offer is a straightforward process in 2 steps:

1. Open Twitter and join the Glow Node announced Twitter Account.

 - Stay alert for new giveaway coupon posts; a daily post will contain a coupon code.

2. Use the received code immediately on the Glow Node Dashboard.

For example, a 5k phase 2 coupon received

 - Open Glow Node Dashboard and Tap the "Buy Now" icon, choose $5k phase 2, proceed with the MT4 process, fill in the necessary details, and use the coupon received today. After using the coupon, your order value becomes 0 and confirm your order.

 - Attention: $5k phase 2 account login details will be received in your email address.

Profit Withdrawal T&C:

From December 13th to December 24th, traders receive a Glow Node $5k 200k-phase challenge account. To qualify for profit withdrawal, traders must meet the following conditions:

Note that for the $5k or $200k 2-phase account same condition applies.

For example, a 5k phase 2 coupon received

1. Achieve the 12% Profit Target: (phase one 8% + 4% in 2 phases)

2. Maintain a 4% daily Daily Drawdown (Measured from the Balance at the start of the Server's day - Midnight EEST) and an 8% Static max Total Daily Drawdown (Measured from your initial account balance).

Once both phases are completed, traders receive a Live sim $5k Funded Account, and all profits can be withdrawn according to the following rules:

- Profit Target: None

- Daily Drawdown Limit: 4%

- Max Loss: 8%

- Profit Split: 85%

Traders can request a profit payout 14 days after the first trade.

Additional Points to Consider:

- If a trader breaches any of the account rules before 14 days, they will not be eligible for a payout. If a breach occurs after 14 days, a 50% payout of the remaining profits in the account will be made.

Ensure that all trades are closed before requesting a payout, and do not continue to trade until your payout request has been confirmed.

Only one account and one IP address per person are permitted.

The daily received coupon is valid for up to 20 users, and winners cannot participate again in this giveaway.

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