Upto $300 Trading Bonus with TOP1 Markets

Guess The Trend and Win up to $300 Trading Bonus with TOP1 Markets

TOP1 Markets offers traders a chance to win free trading funds by guessing the market trend. Traders can receive $5 in trading funds for each correct guess, with a maximum claim of up to $10. Additionally, the top 3 traders on the leaderboard can win cash prizes of up to $300. These trading funds can be used directly for trading, and profits can be withdrawn upon meeting the required conditions set by TOP1 Markets.

How to Get a Trading Fund | TOP1 Markets

1. Sign up on the Top1 Markets App and complete the registration process within the app.

2. Complete the necessary account verification process.

3. Tap on the homepage and open the "Hunt the Rise-Fall, Get $300 USD for Free" top poster ad.

4. Guess the market trend forecast (rise or fall) and confirm. After the result, you will receive the reward from TOP1 Markets.
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Rewards for Correct Guess:

- Guess correctly 1 time: $5 cash reward.

- Guess correctly 2 times: $5 cash reward.

- Guess correctly 3 times: Boosting Voucher.

Cash Reward: The cash reward is automatically deposited into the credit of the account balance and can be withdrawn after completing two transactions (with a holding time of more than 3 minutes).

Boosting Voucher: For orders opened after obtaining this coupon, if there is a profit after closing the position, the overlay will be based on the actual profit amount, with the upper limit determined by the value of the coupon obtained. For example, if you make a profit of $10, you can use the coupon to get an additional $10, resulting in a total profit of $20.

Ranking Rewards: For the top correct guessers, there are additional rewards based on your rank:

- 1st Place: $300 Cash.

- 2nd Place: $200 Cash.

- 3rd Place: $100 Cash.

Conditions for Profit Withdrawal

Profit can be withdrawn after meeting the following conditions step by step:

1. All profits can be unlocked when the trader deposits a minimum of $20.

2. After the deposit, the trader must complete two transactions/trades (with a trade holding time of more than 3 minutes). When these conditions are met, traders are eligible to withdraw all profits.


Q: Is TOP1 Markets a regulated trading platform?

Yes, TOP1 Markets is regulated by-

Registered Address: Buckingham Square, Phase 2, 2nd FI, 720 West Bay Road, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Regulatory Information: TOP 1 MARKETS PTY LTD (ASIC Authorized Regulatory - Reg: 001276870), TOP 1 MARKETS LIMITED (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission - Supervision Ref: 40436).

Q: What happens if I don't meet the two transaction requirements?

If you fail to complete two transactions with a holding time of over 3 minutes, you won't be able to withdraw your profits.

Q: Can I withdraw my profits without making a deposit?

No, you must deposit a minimum of $20 to be eligible for profit withdrawal.

Q: How are cash rewards deposited into my account?

Cash rewards are automatically deposited into the credit of your account balance, making them easily accessible.

Q: How do I become eligible for ranking rewards?

Consistently making correct predictions can help you rise in the ranks. The top traders have the chance to win cash rewards based on their rank.
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