Metadoro $100 Welcome bonus

Metadoro Broker $100 Welcome Bonus

Metadoro Broker has made changes to its $100 Welcome Bonus offer. Please note that this promotion now requires a promo code for claiming. The promo code will be shared by Metadoro on their official Instagram and Facebook pages. It is important to stay updated on these social media channels to obtain the promo code for claiming the $100 credit bonus. (Updated 13/03/2023 )

- Also to know that traders call the “ Metadoro $100 No deposit bonus ”. but Its official promotion Name is Metadoro $100 Welcome bonus.

Are you a budding trader eager to embark on your trading journey with a boost? Look no further than Metadoro Broker, a prominent name in the trading industry, offering an enticing $100 Welcome Bonus for new clients. This limited-time offer provides you with a chance to kickstart your trading experience with added value. ( Outdated 13/03/2023 )
In this article, we'll walk you through the process of claiming how to claim the Matador promo code, discuss the withdrawal conditions, and provide Faq.

How to Claim the $100 Credit bonus.

Claiming the $100 Credit Promo code from Metadoro Broker flow a step-by-step.

1. Visit the Metadoro promotion page.

2. Click on the promo option and follow the official Metadoro Instagram and Facebook pages.

3. Keep an eye on the promo codes that Matadoro shares on their social accounts and use this code to claim the $100 credit bonus.

4. Meet the profit terms and conditions to become eligible to withdraw your profits.

Metadoro Profit Withdrawal Conditions

After promo code use -
The Welcome Bonus has a limited duration of 7 days. After this period ends, the Welcome Bonus will be removed, and any remaining profits can be transferred to your real trading account.

Steps for Transferring Profit to the Real Account:

1. Subscribe to Metadoro Broker Instagram account: [Metadoro Instagram]
2. Make a minimum deposit of $20 in your Trading Account.
3. Place your withdrawal request.


1. Who is eligible for the $100 Welcome Bonus from Metadoro Broker?

A: This bonus is available only with a promo code, which Metadoro posts on their social media from time to time.

2. Can I withdraw the $100 Welcome Bonus directly?

A: No, the Welcome Bonus itself is not withdrawable. However, any profits earned from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn when you meet the deposit condition.

3. What happens after the 7 days for the Welcome Bonus ends?

A: After the 7 days, the Welcome Bonus will be removed. Any remaining profits can be transferred to your real trading account by following the specified steps.

4. How can I transfer profits to my real account after the 7 days?

A:  To transfer profits to your real trading account, subscribe to Metadoro Broker's Instagram account and make a minimum deposit of $20.

5. Can I open multiple Welcome Bonus accounts?

A:  No, each client, computer, or IP address can open only one Welcome Bonus account with Metadoro Broker.

6. Is Regulates Metadoro Broker?

A: Yes, Regulatory Details: Metadoro operates under the Metadoro brand and the domain "," which are reserved by RHC Investments. RHC Investments is a Full Service Dealer (excluding underwriting) regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

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