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Forexvox $30 No Deposit Bonus

Forexvox broker is offering a $30 No Deposit Bonus exclusively to Malaysian clients. This bonus can only be claimed through an Introduce Broker (IB), and it comes with specific conditions for withdrawal. It's important to note that this offer is limited, and during the profit withdrawal process, traders must meet specific deposit conditions.

How to Claim Trading Bonus

1. Navigate to the official Forexvox promotion page.

- Before registration, contact customer chat.

- Open a standard account.

2. Request the No Deposit Bonus

- Contact Forexvox via to request the $30 No Deposit bonus.

3. Trade and Meet the Conditions

 - Start trading once you receive your bonus and ensure you meet the bonus terms and conditions.


- New eligible clients can receive this bonus without a deposit.

- Existing clients can apply to receive this bonus after making a minimum deposit of $100 to the trading account.

Forexvox $30 No Deposit Bonus T&C

To claim profits generated from the $30 No Deposit Bonus Account, traders must following conditions:

- During Profit withdrawal traders make a deposit to the trading account of at least $100 in a single transaction after the required volume of lots is traded in full. to be eligible to withdraw all profit

- Traders need to trade 4 lots within 30 days and profit or loss on trades should be greater than 5 pips (50 points) 

- The maximum profit that can be withdrawn is $50, and the minimum is $30.

Additional Notes:

- Before proceeding, ensure the availability of the $30 bonus in your country by reaching out to Forexvox customer support.

- According to Forexvox, this offer is limited to clients of certain partners and is available for Malaysian clients only.

- Each eligible client can open only one bonus account with Forexvox.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I claim the $30 No Deposit Bonus if I am not a Malaysian client?

Absolutely No! The bonus is available exclusively to Malaysian clients,

Q: How long do I have to meet the trading conditions for profit withdrawal?

Traders need to trade 4 lots within 30 days, ensuring a dynamic yet achievable timeframe to meet the conditions.

Q: Are there any limitations on the profit I can withdraw?

Yes, the maximum profit withdrawal is $50, and the minimum is $30, offering a balanced and flexible range for traders.

Q: Can existing clients benefit from the $30 No Deposit Bonus?

Yes, Existing clients can apply for the bonus after making a minimum deposit of $100 to their trading account.

Q: How can I confirm the availability of the bonus in my country?

Reach out to Forexvox customer support before proceeding to ensure the $30 bonus is accessible in your specific location.

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