Flipster Exchange Trading Bonus

Flipster Exchange $50 Trading Bonus

Flipster, a cryptocurrency exchange, is running offering a trading bonus of up to $50 to all newly registered clients. This bonus is credited to the "Asset Section" after participants meet specific conditions within a 7-day period. It can be utilized for order trading, and profits generated from the bonus are withdrawable. It's important to note that the promotion is valid until December 4, 2023, by 23:59 UTC.

How to Get Flipster Trading Bonus

To participate in the Flipster exchange promotion, follow these steps

1. Visit the Official Platform: Go to the official Flipster Exchange platform. Ended

2. Account Creation: Create your account by providing your name and password. Complete the email verification process.

3. KYC Completion: Ensure that your account completes the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

4. Claim Bonus: Participants become eligible to claim up to a $50 USDT bonus in their account after meeting specific conditions set by Flipster.

- Deposit Bonus: Deposit a minimum of $50 into your account and hold it for 7 days to receive a $20 bonus. (Note: After receiving the bonus, traders have the right to withdraw the deposit amount.)

- Trading Volume Bonus: Trade a volume of 10k during the 7-day period to be eligible for an additional $30 bonus.

After receiving the bonus, traders can withdraw the deposited amount, trade the remaining $50 bonus, and withdraw all profits generated.

Important Points

- Creating multiple accounts or engaging in similar activities is strictly prohibited.

- Flipster reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

- The $50 bonus can only be used once, and after utilization, the coupon is valid for 24 hours. The trade will automatically close after this period.
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