Kandle Play 2 Earn 10 USDT Everyday

Kandle Play 2 Earn 10 USDT Everyday
Kandle Play 2 Earn 10 USDT Everyday

Kandle Play 2 Earn - Get $10 USDT Every Day

Kandle invites you to join their Play 2 Earn Campaign, offering a fantastic opportunity for every new user to earn a daily $10 bonus. 

- This post will provide you with all the details you need to know about this exciting campaign.

About Kandle

Kandle serves as a comprehensive Web3 fantasy game portal, offering games and tournaments centered around predicting coin price directions. They believe that the world of crypto trading has reached a critical mass, and they aim to provide a fun alternative by allowing users to make predictions on token prices based on their research and trends.

Kandle Event Details

- Platform: Kandle

- Reward: $10 USDT Daily Bonus

- Reward Pool: Limited to $15,000

How to Join in 4 Simple Steps

1. Sign Up: Start by completing the sign-up process on the Kandle-website.


- Use the refer code Get Signup Reward.

2. Verification: Verify your account by opting for phone number verification.

3. Locate the Bonus: Find the "Explorer Game" tab and click on "Play 2 Earn 10 USDT Everyday."

4. Join Play 2 Earn League for Free

 -  Kandle offers two types of leagues

4.a) Win 5 Practice Coin Leagues to Earn 1 USDT Every Hour:

-  Join this league and win 5 Practice Coin Leagues to earn 1 USDT every hour. This bonus reward will be credited to your "bonus balance".

 4.b) Predict Coin Prices & Win 10 USDT Every Day:

- This league is free to enter once every day. In this league, you will be presented with 2 coins, and you need to predict which coin will have a higher or lower price. If your prediction is correct, the game continues to the next round. Answer all 10 questions correctly to receive a 10 USDT reward. This reward will be credited to your "main balance".

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Withdrawal Conditions

1. The winning USDT bonus from point "4.a" is credited to your "earn bonus" account and is not withdrawable. However, you can use the "earn bonus" to join paid leagues at a 50% discount.

2. The reward amount from point "4.b" is credited to your "main account"  and is withdrawable.

-  Before withdrawing your profit, need to deposit first at least $10.

-  The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT (BEP20 method).

-  After have the right to withdraw your profits at any time.

You can find the profit withdrawal screenshot


Join the Kandle Play 2 Earn Campaign and take advantage of this opportunity to earn $10 USDT every day while having fun predicting token price directions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Kandle Play 2 Earn?

   - Kandle Play 2 Earn is a campaign that allows new users to earn $10 daily as a bonus.

2. How do I join Kandle Play 2 Earn?

   - To join, sign up on the Kandle website, verify your account, and locate the "Explorer Game" tab

3. Can I withdraw the "earn bonus"?

   - No, the "earn bonus" cannot be withdrawn but can be used for a 50% discount on paid leagues.

4. How do I withdraw profits from my main account?

   - Withdraw your profits at any time with a minimum of 10 USDT using the BEP20 method.

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